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08 Feb
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My Wedding Concierge was Featured in the Wall Street Journal!

Just getting around to this a few days late. My Wedding Concierge was featured on the Wall Street Journal for our innovative iPhone/iPad Inspiration Engine Apps and they loved how we drive traffic to lesser known wedding blogs! SO exciting!
We were featured on their website’s tech section and they also did a video review. I’m thinking that we’re achieving our goal of driving traffic to small wedding bloggers if the Wall st. journal thinks so! Bravo to my sweet husband for being the mastermind behind all our cool and innovative technology!
01 Feb
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Wedding Trends for 2011 – What are Brides Searching For?

What are brides searching for? That is the million dollar question. If we could only get into their heads and figure it out, we could write better blog articles to focus on their desires. Yes, we could see it from the another point of view – the fashion houses dictate the styles of gowns for the next season, Pantone gives us the colors of the year, and magazines can say that this one thing is going to be a trend. But, it only becomes a trend if enough brides ask for it.
wedding trends 2011 most popular search terms on my wedding concierge
What we’ve built is a sort of a “trend predictor” if you will. It’s a cloud of the most searched terms on our site – with a minimum search criteria of 25 searches. The mega cloud is comprised of search terms that have been searched a minimum of 25 times. The largest words are the most searched while the smallest words are the least searched.
If you want to view by letter, we’ve expanded the amount of words to include words that have been searched a minimum of 10 times. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to write, click on any of the links to see how many articles there are on that topic. If you choose niche articles to write, you almost always end up with a ton of exposure!
If you have suggestions on what other features you would like to see, please feel free to leave a comment!
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30 Nov
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WriteShot: Wedding Photojournalists that Capture True Love Stories

The wedding album has long been a cherished memento of one of the most important days in a couple’s life together. But as the memories fade and the album is passed on through the generations, details of this important occasion, and the couple’s journey to get there, can be lost. That’s where WriteShot comes in.
writeshot photojournalists love story photographers
Founded by photographers and journalists Natasha Chornesky and Chris Cozzone, WriteShot delivers not only magazine-quality photos of a couple’s wedding day; Chornesky and Cozzone document the whole love story—from the first meeting through the courtship and engagement—capturing every detail of the wedding week and day, through extensive interviews with the couple, their family and friends. The complete story is then written, laid out with accompanying photographs and professionally printed and bound into an heirloom-quality, Taschen-style book that uniquely captures each couple’s personality, documenting their love story for generations to come.
writeshot photojournalists love story wedding photographers
Cozzone and Chornesky commit to only two weddings per month so they can spend one full week interviewing and photographing each couple in the days leading up to their wedding, and another week laying out the final copy and photographs. Each 10”x10” book is completely custom and contains an average of 100 heavy-stock, glossy pages of text and images. Photos from the couple’s dating life or honeymoon can also be incorporated.
writeshot photojournalists love story wedding photographers
“What we create is not a wedding album — it’s a book. It’s really the story of the couple—how they found each other, fell in love and got married,” said Chornesky. “We get to know our clients really, really well. We know who’s important to them and who drives them crazy. So when it comes time to assemble the book, we are very comfortable telling their story the way they want it told. We submit proofs for approval before the book goes to print, but honestly, we get very, very few edits.”
Wedding Photographers WriteShot Weddings in Los Angeles
Cozzone and Chornesky have more than 20 years of photography and journalism experience between them. Their photographs and articles have appeared in publications spanning the globe including Newsweek, The New York Times, Playboy and Der Spiegel. In addition, Cozzone has won multiple awards for his magazine layout and photography work. Chornesky taught journalism and her work has appeared in national educational publications.
writeshot photojournalists love story wedding photographers
WriteShot is based in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, but Chornesky and Cozzone travel the globe to cover weddings.
My Wedding Concierge iPhone iPad Apps
29 Nov
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Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Finder iPhone App

Engagement season has just begun! Between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, nearly 40% of all brides get engaged with Valentine’s Day being the most popular and Christmas Day coming in at number 2. Whether or not you’re getting your future bride a Tiffany & Co. diamond ring, you can still easily get her ring size without her knowing. Simply download the Tiffany & Co. iPhone app and place your girlfriend’s ring on the ring sizer. Scroll up/down until the ring matches the ring on the screen.
Tiffany & Co. IPhone App Engagement Diamond Rings
Learn about the 4Cs, browse their gorgeous ring gallery for ideas, and see actual carat sizes.
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25 Oct
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Announcing the Launch of My Wedding Concierge’s Inspiration Engine

I am SO excited to announce the launch of our new iPad app: Inspiration Engine! You are going to LOVE it! Search through hundreds of thousands of wedding blog articles to find exactly what you’re looking for without leaving the app! Easily scroll through all the blog articles with a simple swipe up or down the screen until you decide to click on a gorgeous photograph. Tap on the photo to be directly to the blog article. For those of you without iPads, it will be coming to an iPhone near you very very soon! And a product launch just wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway! Leave a comment below and we’ll be choosing 3 names to win a code for a free download of our new ipad app!
My Wedding  Concierge Inspiration Engine iPad App

My Wedding  Concierge Inspiration Engine iPad App

My Wedding  Concierge Inspiration Engine iPad App
My Wedding  Concierge Inspiration Engine iPad App
My Wedding  Concierge Inspiration Engine iPad App
My Wedding  Concierge Inspiration Engine iPad App
My Wedding Concierge
14 Sep
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Giveaway!!! Get Geolocated on our new Inspiration Engine App!

We’re getting ready to launch our new Inspiration Engine iPad app REAL SOON!!! And we want to celebrate by giving away 3 Geolocated Ads!!! There is no other wedding app out there that has the uber coolness factor that ours has. Check it out for yourself by watching our preview video:
To enter, do the following:
1. Tweet this message to your followers: Come see how My Wedding Concierge is revolutionizing how brides find wedding vendors:
2. Leave a comment on our youtube video with your favorite feature of our app.
3. Post your company info here in our blog comment section!
We’ll pick a winner on Friday September 17th at 5pm!
My Wedding Concierge
19 Aug
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Giveaway! Get your wedding blog featured for 1 Month on our Inspiration Engine App!

I think it’s time for a BIG GIVEAWAY!!! I want to thank so many of you for all of your support as we launch our new Inspiration Engine App on the iOS and Android Platforms. It’s really going to revolutionize how brides will find wedding vendors as well as save time finding wedding inspiration.
What I’ll be giving away is 3 Spots in our Featured Blog Section. Your blog will be seen by tens of thousands of brides for a month.
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
All you need to do is:

1. Leave a comment below on our blog with your info!
2. Become our Fan on Facebook:
3. Tweet: I want my wedding blog featured on My Wedding Concierge’s new iPhone, iPad, and Android apps!
4. Watch and “Like” our Video!

Contest ends Sunday August 22 at Midnight PST.

Good luck!

05 Aug
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My Wedding Concierge – Inspiration Engine iPhone and iPad App

We’re so excited about our impending launch of our Inspiration Engine iPhone and iPad Apps!! Here are some screenshots that show you exactly what everything does. Keep in mind – if you want to be part of our launch when the app goes live, we need everything by August 10, 2010! For more info, email me at:
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine iPhone IPad App
My Wedding Concierge
03 Aug
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Vendor Profile: Newlywish – Online Wedding Gift Registry

Create a registry as special as your big day… and truly love your registry with NewlyWish!
NewlyWish is a New York City-based online wedding gift registry service dedicated to uniting the city’s vibrant community of independent stores and services providers with engaged couples. NewlyWish is designed to provide to-be-weds, their friends and family, with the choice, convenience, and personalization they desire in such an important and personal time in their lives.
newlywish local and online gift registry
In addition to traditional gift items, such as cookware, linens, and home décor, NewlyWish also provides a range of unique and ‘experience’ gifts, such as artwork, food & wine, cooking & dancing lessons, fitness & spa packages, museum memberships, concert tickets and more. All of these items can be added to a single list to create a registry that is unique, special, and most of all, full of gifts the couple really wants.
The gift giving goes beyond just the bridal registry, to include bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, party favors, gifts for the couple’s parents as well as bachelor/bachelorette and bridal shower exclusive packages!
Visit for additional details.
My Wedding Concierge
26 Jul
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We’ll be Indexing 3 Wedding Blogs for Free!

We want more wedding blogs on our site! The more content we have, the better search experience for our brides! And we want your blog to be part of our iPad/iPhone App launch in just a few short weeks! We’ll pull down your entire blog from the day you started blogging and reindex everything on our site.
This is open to all wedding vendors who have blogs! Our engine will even display video instead of a photo if that is your first “image” of your entry.
For a chance to win, do the following 2 tasks to be entered! Leave a comment below with a link to your facebook post and your twitter name.
1. Post to your Facebook wall: “Come Search With Style for Wedding Inspiration at”
2. Tweet: “Come find all of your Wedding Inspiration at”
Good luck! I’ll be choosing winners on Wednesday at 5:00PST!
My Wedding Concierge